Custom Actionable Emojis that put information at your fingertips

Brands & Advertisers

Custom Emojis + Stickers

Using your art or ours, with targeting and placement to reach your customers

Interactive Features

Such as locations, customized messages, or leveraging your existing website or native app

Analytics + Data

Capturing impressions, clicks, and sends segmented by themes, events, and locations

Publishers & Users

Great Emojis + Stickers

With our drop-in keyboard, smart autosuggest bar, auto emoji replacement, or app templates

Easy Integration

With native iOS and Android SDKs, iMessage or Facebook Messenger extensions, or REST API

Utility + Monetization

Fun, free, and easy to use, along with monetization based on usage

Interactive Features When Tapped

Location Feature

Map of Nearby Locations

Photo Feature

Secret Photo Message

Custom Feature

External Web Content

Info Feature

Info with Rich Text

Active Users
Monthly Impressions
Monthly Clicks

Available Across Platforms

Karmies in iOS apps


Android SDK

Karmies on iMessage


Karmies on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger



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Karmiegram for iOS

Karmiegram for Android

Karmies for iMessage

Karmies for FB Messenger


What does Karmies mean?

Karmies is the melding of "karma" and "armies", for our emojis and stickers that work hard but with a greater purpose.

How are stickers different from emojis?

It depends on the app and platform, but usually an emoji is a small image that can be displayed inline with other text like 😂 while a sticker is a larger image that stands alone like below. Karmies are available as stickers on iMessage and Facebook Messenger and as both emojis and stickers using our SDK.

What are interactive features?

Karmies interactive features are fun and helpful tools, information, media, and links to related apps or sites that open up when an emoji or sticker is tapped. You can choose to include them when you send a sticker or emoji and then view them in a message by tapping on the image.

How do I get a custom emoji or sticker?

We can do everything from putting your existing icon in our keyboard to completely custom features with smart targeted placement to your customers, so your best bet is to run your idea by us and we can decide together what works best.

How widely used are Karmies?

We're proud to have broad usage across a number of leading platforms with new publishers coming on board all the time. Check out our current stats.

What does it cost to use Karmies in my app?

Using our SDK or API as an app publisher is free. In fact, you may be able to monetize with us once you have plenty of users sending them! We also have all-in-one app templates for iMessage and Facebook Messenger that can be purchased as a turnkey solution for brands.

How do I integrate Karmies?

Our native app SDK requires only a few lines of code to get up and running, but is flexible enough to support extensive customization and embedded in your existing UI if you choose to. Our iMessage app template is a single line of code to add to an existing app. Our Facebook Messenger engine can host everything for you and only requires you adding our app to your Facebook page. And for the app who has everything, our REST API lets you use our content yourself in whatever way you'd like. You can see exactly what an integration entails along with example projects in our Integration Guide.

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